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About Fēnix

Fēnix Industrial Simulation is a local Manitoba small business providing sales and rental solutions for Virtual Reality (VR) industrial equipment simulators to aid in operator training and efficiency. Fēnix  has partnered with Really-Virtual Consulting, LLC to bring the Real-Forklift™ Rapid Engagement Augmented Learning to Manitoba companies, schools and individuals.

Whether your employee is a veteran of equipment operation, new to the industry or still in school and wondering what it would be like to operate a forklift some day, this is the key to enhanced training. 

Virtual Workplaces give your operators the ability to learn techniques through experiences in a safe environment where even the worst mistakes can be made without any suffering, damage or cost.

Remove equipment wear and tear, operating costs and risk all while allowing operators, both new and experienced, to practice their skills.

People Behind Fēnix

Neal Foy, CRSP


Certified in Occupational Safety and Health through Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, Neal has an extensive background in EHS and emergency services. Knowledge gained through safety management, training, consulting and equipment sales/distribution allows for a unique insight.

Past career experiences also include underground production mining, heavy equipment operation as well as time as a volunteer firefighter, Manitoba Mine Rescue captain and current Manitoba Ground Search and Rescue volunteer.